Frequently Asked Questions


01 -

When will Mythrealm be released?

We hope to bring Mythrealm to Steam Early Access in 2022, with a full release in 2023.

02 -

How much will Mythrealm cost?

We hope to offer the game for between $15 and $20 dollars per digital copy.

03 -

Will Mythrealm be coming to other platforms such as Playstation, Xbox, or Switch?

We would very much like to release Mythrealm on console, but that is dependent on an initially successful PC release. When the players love the game on PC, we'll definitely strive to bring it to Console!

04 -

Will Mythrealm support multiplayer?

At this stage no. Mythrealm is a single player action RPG game. When the game is successful we'd love to add Co-Op gameplay and additional gameplay scenarios that allow you to play Mythrealm with your friends. But that's for the future.