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The Hero

Aelaris, our hero, is an adventurer and rogue gifted with magical talents.  In her home continent of Raylar she is a sleuth and a warrior, who works for justice in the land.

​​​​By some unknown sorcery she has been summoned away to the underworlds of Arloria, where she must seek her fortune.

​The magic that has brought her here and why, is unknown to Aelaris. But if she is to survive, to escape, and to overcome the dark forces that are threatening the world, she must find her summoner and discover the meaning of her quest in the Mythrealm.


The Monsters

The underworld of Arloria is the dwelling of a host of unwholesome denizens.

From Demons to the Undead, to Goblinoids, Giants, and even Dragons! To overcome such enemies Aelaris shall surely have to learn their weaknesess and use her wits to defeat their nefarious battle tactics.  

These fiends, who have marauded across the land for centuries, must have gathered

a hoard of stolen treasure for a perceptive adventurer to reclaim.


The Allies

The civilised parts of the continent of Arloria are home to many beings apart from just monsters. And some of these may prove allies to Aelaris on her quest.

Where the sun shines, campfires burn and pallisades mark the edges of the wilderness, within towns and cities, there friendly humanoids such as Humans, Dwarves and Elves may be found.

And further afield in sacred groves where pagan witches pray and enchanted lagoons where mermaids swim, Aelaris may discover more mystical friends.


The Continent

The Land of Arloria is an ancient realm

where civilisations have risen and fallen for untold millenia. While Human's are the dominant society in the present era, in ages past the Dwarves and Elves grew majestic kingdoms that now lie in ruins.

For aeons the Wizards of Arloria have protected and ordered the land, but now they have vanished leaving their towers empty, and their mystic libraries abandoned to less academic occupants.

The secrets of Arloria's past now sleep submerged by rubble, hidden in tombs and underground cities, and guarded by monsters of old.

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